How Shelley Russell Mortgage Agent Helps Separated Couples Attract Lenders

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How Shelley Russell Mortgage Agent Helps Separated Couples Attract Lenders

I’m Shelley Russell, a Mortgage Agent in Windsor and Toronto, Ontario, specializing in mortgage approvals, renewals, and debt consolidation. I also accept challenges and enjoy solving complex issues for my clients, which includes budgeting.

However, one of the biggest hurdles clients face is when they’re going through a separation, and the situation deters them from getting into a new home. Please keep reading to learn how I assist separated couples in attracting lenders.

The Challenge: Banks wait until a separation gets resolved

When couples separate, banks tend to back away until the break-up is finalized. However, it can take years to resolve, which can be emotionally and financially taxing, leaving both families in limbo. Luckily, I can solve the issue faster for my clients and all parties involved.

The Solution: Offer access to different lenders

Working with multiple lenders allows me to source the file and explain the specifics when trying to gain approval for my client. I’ve also noticed a significant bias among lenders when dealing with clients involved in a matrimonial split, so I persistently fight the inequity.

Bottom Line

It takes just a few hours to resolve the issue, and my assistance alleviates much stress, allowing couples to move forward with their lives.

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